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Types of Cycling


Road riding is normally done on lightweight frames with narrow wheels, slick tyres and drop handlebars. Most of our road and time trail training takes place either on the on open road, or on closed-road circuits, purpose built for cycling such as Cyclo-Park in Gravesend where we can practice braking, accelerating and cornering away from traffic and pedestrians...

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The Mountain bike scene is huge, with trail centres offering routes to suit a wide range of ages and ability levels. If you fancy the endurance and technical skill of cross-country; the speed and raw nerve of downhill or the elbow-to-elbow challenge of four cross, there is something for everyone...

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Cyclo-cross is also one of the most accessible forms of cycling.It takes place throughout the autumn and winter in off-road venues such as public parks and other open spaces. Surfaces normally include grass, mud, gravel and sand and courses are short with multiple laps completed over a set distance...

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BMX is suitable for riders of all ages and abilities and is one of the most exciting forms of cycling to watch and take part it. It’s highly technical and requires strength, nerve, good bike control and quick reactions. BMX bikes have a single gear and sometimes a rear brake and BMX bikes are generally cheaper than most other bikes...

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Track Cycle Coaching

Riders like Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish have shown that the very high levels of fitness and ability to recover quickly required for track cycling have huge benefits for other cycling disciplines. High intensity track training develops skills in riding closely in a tight pack, riding on smaller gears at higher cadences, sprints, last minute attacks, and recognising key opportunities...

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Adaptive Athletes

Adaptive Athlete is a relatively new term in the world of health and fitness. It describes anyone who must adapt to a situation in order to meet their fitness goals and needs. People with amputation, parapalegia, muscular dystrophy, special needs, scoliosis, traumatic brain injuries, blindness, deafness, lactic acidosis, cerebral palsy, are all included but this list is in no way exclusive...

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If you have never tried a triathlon, new events are springing up everywhere which gives you more options to choose from. We have a number of different events from competing in actual triathlons, to participating in structured training camps or giving you access to triathlon training facilities where you can train by yourself, or in a group...

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Our Coaches

Our world class cycle coaches are trained, insured and supported through British Cycling. They all have a wealth of knowledge and experience, hold enhanced DBS certificates and are First Aid Trained. All of our coaches have at least two areas of additional expertise and many have been teaching adults and children for decades. Our cycle coaching team can be found coaching at events and in venues across Europe where they provide inclusive cycle coaching in Recreational Cycling, Road Racing, Time-Trial, Track, BMX, Cyclo-Cross, MTB and Disability Cycling. We provide cycle coaching to a huge of variety of groups and individuals ranging from adaptive athletes and riders with Special Educational Needs, limited / restricted mobility cyclists and those with visual impairments through to elite level athletes and national and international level competitors.

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